Sustainablity, A New Life to E-Waste

Cell phones have become a necessary tool for most Americans—an estimated 97% of Americans own a cellphone and 86% of those cell phones are smartphones. Overall, there is an estimated 300 million cell phones in use throughout the US.

Cell phones can contain toxic metals in some of their internal components. For example, the circuit boards in cell phones can contain heavy metals such as arsenic and lead in addition to the other valuable metals such as gold, copper, and platinum. The rechargeable batteries in cell phones contain lithium and cobalt which makes the cell phone batteries hazardous waste as well. If disposed of improperly, these toxic metals may harm the environmental by contaminating our soil and water resources. Because of their potential toxicity, cell phones must be handled as a hazardous waste and not thrown away in our everyday trash ( Source: ).

Why Us?

Sustainable World Recycling is a grassroots family effort dedicated to do our part in in e-waste reduction through recycling and repurposing smartphones and tablets. Our focus is to be at the forefront of this fight so we can be the shining example of environmental responsibility in hopes that it will be a call to action to everyone in helping in the reduction of e-waste.

Also, by supporting us and a greener tomorrow you are also supporting campaigns in working directly with organizations partnering to fundraise their causes.

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Why You Should Recycle/Repurpose

  • Social responsibility to our planet
  • Parts and materials from phones and tablets can be reused
  • Toxic waste reduction
  • Economically practical
  • Reduces pollution and e-waste
  • Provides alternative and cheaper option for communication

How to Recycle Your Cell Phones

Step #1

Print a Shipping Label

Step #2

Erase, Pack and Ship

Step #3

Recycle & Support

Step 1

Items accepted include working, broken
and non-functional devices:

  • iPhones & Smartphones
  • iPads & Tablets
  • Handheld game consoles
  • Basic cell phones

Items not accepted and can by
recycled locally:

  • Instruction manuals
  • Car chargers
  • Protective cases

Step 2

  • Deactivate phones prior to packing
    Ensure batteries are installed in the phones (no loose batteries)
  • Pack devices in a small sturdy box or padded envelope
  • Securely tape package to ensure contents safety.

Contact Us

  • For 1-4 phones, print off a self paid shipping label from our website and affix postage to package
  • For 5 or more devices, contact us and we can send you prepaid shippping label!
  • Tape shipping label to small box or padded envelope
  • Drop off package at your nearest USPS location or schedule a pickup

If you are a business looking to donate to our cause, contact us!